Welcome to Online Home of my Virtual Geoglyphic Adventures!

*Aloha new and returing friends, and thanks again for your interest & support! Almost all of my 2014-2015 GPS adventures can be found HERE, but please also feel welcome to explore my past work at the following links: "Summer Series '12", "Summer '12 Overload", "Spring 2012 Map Gallery", "Map Gallery '10- 11", and "Hoverbar '11". Please also feel invited to join me on my Twitter feed @WallyGPX to spread the fun with WGPX related images and updates. New! Instagram: wallygpx NEW!: Like "Wally GPX" on Facebook!

My biking history goes way back, but only in recent years have I taken on an internal passion for blending technology with creativity and exercise. As of now, my portfolio consists of 7 distict riding seasons, and I continue to generate happiness, fitness and imagination through planning and the physical activity of 'digitally spray painting' my 'local canvas' with the help of tracking satellites 12,500 miles above.

I originally shared my creations with friends as well as a few gallery showings, but have recently chosen to expose what I've been up to for the rest of the world to enjoy and/or gawk at. Yes, is my flash-only very-rookie web construction attempt, but hey, why not -- the real value of this project lies within my memories, the joy I feel when riding, and sharing the outstanding potential of what I'm up to. By all means, jump in and contribute to this fledgling concept, but until then, thanks for visiting, click around, smile and join the adventure!

100,000+ visits and counting...thank you!!!


GPSering Southeast Baltimore