GPS Artwork in Southeast Baltimore


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48 minutes 29 seconds

5.63 miles

*Hot morning ride. 86F

*Was inclined to do Gat based on Baltimore’s plight.

*What I thought was most noteworthy about making this giant gun was the amount of broken glass along the sides of the streets all north of Patterson Park. I have a lot of neat ideas for this area but I’m worried about popping a tire in a rough part of town. I have been riding the alleged "dangerous neighborhood" lines in the morning when most of the trouble-makers are seemingly sleeping. These neighborhoods seem to take on a ?paradoxical peacefulness early in the new day. My experience has been mainly filled with moms pushing babies around among the occasional front stoop sitters. No music playing anywhere and the streets were relatively quiet.

*The trigger area required some tree-shot lines as well as line efficiency.

*I love the way this one turned out. I even slightly modified the trigger on the fly.

*Johns Hopkins Hospital takes up a lot of space and definitely chops up the grid in that area. I really need to scout out the walkways in that area.

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