GPS Artwork in Southeast Baltimore

"Jellyfish Invasion"

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"Jellyfish Invasion!"


2 hours 52 minutes 6 seconds

16.37 miles

*Warm afternoon ride ride. 81F at start, 84F at finish.

*I've been doing quite a few shorter rides lately so I decided to suck it up and go big with Jellyfish Invasion. Adding in the "to and from" to the start & stop, made this one around an 18 miler!

*I saw quite a few things during the making of Jellyfish Invasion, spanning from the guy in a car with some heavy woofer bass pumping while simultaneously picking his nose with passion, to another giant white mushroom in the park, to an old man on a bike pulling right out in front of a fast moving car. Luckily I was riding right there and yelped to the guy to stop.

*As mentioned in the site, rides like this remind me that I know every hill and road in this neighborhood like the back of my hand!

*I love the name of this ride, and yes, if you look close into the dirty inner harbor water you too might see one!

*Shhh...I did make one mistake on this one. Look closely at the intersection of Fleet and Belnord. See how I missed the turn but still held on with another sweet fix? Oh Yeah! Even though I'm upset that I missed the turn, I still found a way to pull it off. I was so many miles deep into the ride at that point that I had no choice.

*I saw another friend on this one that knew what I was up to. As I mentioned before, this is becoming more common. Additionally, I saw another person that saw me using my map and politely asked if I needed help. I shared with him what I was doing. This has also happened before. In fact, come to think of it, I've also given directions for drivers that are lost on at least three occasions that I can remember. Oddly, the last person asking for directions was looking for the American Visionary Arts Museum. I'd love to show my stuff there someday...I think it would be a good fit.

*This ride features a number of firsts for me, including my largest # of cutbacks and staircases as well as it being my longest ride in both distance and time.

*As I mentioned in a previous journal entry, I banged my back tire pretty hard and torqued it a bit. My bike is definitely not riding as smooth as it was before all this riding and is now ready for a tune up. Cheers to my bike...its taken hundreds of miles since I bought it.

*Special note to anyone that has read this far into my journal-- Thank you & thanks again for your support. I hope you've enjoyed the stories and images. Please feel free to share this site with anyone and everyone that might find it interesting, and listen in at @wallygpx to join the adventure!

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